Tenille Townes 7-Track EP – Masquerades is Available now

Tenille Townes 7-Track EP – Masquerades is Available now

Tenille Townes latest project, Masquerades, is out now!

Talking about the 7-track EP, and the name it carries, Tenille says, “This EP marks the beginning of a new chapter of music with you guys…. I really do think that we are beautiful complexities underneath everything we hide behind. Setting down my masquerade over the past little while has been liberating, terrifying, disorienting, and empowering all at the same time. Pull one thread and the infinity of emotions and doubts and hopes and fears and everything in between unravels and these songs were created from the heart of that place. From both sides of who I am. And from the courage that you guys have given me, lifting up the pieces of these songs in their raw form leading up to here. Couldn’t me more excited for our new frontier together.”

Tenille’s EP Masquerades includes “When’s It Gonna Happen,” “Villain In Me,” “Light In Your Eyes” and “When You Need It” which features Wrabel.

Townes says, “Loved getting to do this song about friendship with Wrabel… making this music video was the first time we met in person after writing so many songs together through a computer screen. Becoming friends and creating together was one of the brightest spots in such a dark time and I love that this song represents all of that to me. Hope you feel loved as you listen to it and cheers to the friends who are always there when we need it

Masquerades track list;
1. “When You Need It” (featuring Wrabel)
2. “When’s It Gonna Happen”
3. “The Sound of Being Alone”
4. “Villain In Me”
5. “Shared Walls” (featuring BRELAND)
6. “Same Road Home”
7. “Light In Your Eyes”

Tenille Townes’ EP Masquerades is out now – and it includes “Shared Walls” which features BRELAND.

Photo Credit: Lauren Dunn