Kincaid & Dallas

    Kincaid & Dallas is a new Country radio morning show airing Monday-Friday from 6am-10am ET. Kincaid is originally from Maryland and has worked in Minnesota, New York, and Denver.  He now lives in Georgia with his wife and two young sons, and hosts Kincaid & Dallas.

    Kincaid hereYou might say I took the long way home. Grew up in Maryland, worked in Minnesota, New York, and Denver. But now I’m home in Georgia with my wife, Erin, and our two sons: a three-year-old and a newborn. We’re adjusting from the double team to man-to-man. Well, actually it’s more like Erin’s being double teamed given my domestic skills. I have only two goals each morning. The first is to make you laugh. And the second is to not choke on my coffee when Dallas is, well, being Dallas.

    Hey y’all! I’m Dallas! My life in a few words? Radio and Animals!  This country girl’s story starts in Alexander City, Alabama – which is about as rural as you can get. One thing our town did have was a radio station. And I jumped at a chance to work there when I turned 13.  A while later, the Big City of Atlanta called my name and I’ll bet you’ve never seen someone pack a suitcase faster.  While I do love the city lights, I’m all about country living.  When I’m not in the studios, you’ll find me on my little farm …keeping company with 2 horses, 2 donkeys, 8 dogs and 6 cats.