Parker McCollum Grows from a Limestone Kid to a Gold Chain Cowboy with His New Album

Parker McCollum Grows from a Limestone Kid to a Gold Chain Cowboy with His New Album

Parker McCollum‘s new album Gold Chain Cowboy is available now!

Parker thinks this new project, Gold Chain Cowboy, is another step in his evolution as an artist.

He reflects on how far he’s come since his first album, “When I wrote Limestone Kid I was really just… I had no idea what I was doing. And to be quite honest, I still think I don’t have any idea what I’m doing. But I feel, which is really the most important thing to me, in regards to that evolution…I just feel like I’ve gotten a little bit better as a songwriter and as an artist, as a whole. And kind of honed in on my craft a little bit more with each album. From that one to this one. You know, I would say, I was 21, 22 years old when I wrote that record. And I just turned 29 a couple weeks ago. And now I’m as dialed in and as focused and as calculated with my craft, as I’ve ever been. And the most confident in it that I’ve ever been.”

When it comes to the title of the album, Parker has had that in mind for a while now, “Sounded really cool, when I first thought of it. And I wanted to write a song, around that idea, and I never really like the direction it was going. So I kind of gave up on it, but the phrase Gold Chain Cowboy, kept finding it’s way back into my mind, over and over again. And I could figure out why I couldn’t get away from it. The more I started thinking about it, as an album title, I was like well it really makes a lot of sense, You know, I definitely like to flex on ’em. A little bit. I like a nice gold watch, or a gold chain. I would love to have a big house on my own ranch back in Texas in a couple years, with maybe a couple whips in the driveway, my big old truck. But you know, all those things are great. And I really do like those things. But I don’t think they mean much if you’re not well mannered and carry yourself the right way and work really hard to earn everyone of them. And uh it’s kind of combing those two styles and I was brought up that way, work very hard, and try and go out and take care of yourself and reward yourself for working hard, but carry yourself the right way. The more I thought about Gold Chain Cowboy, the more it just seemed to fit.”

Gold Chain Cowboy track listing:

  1. “Wait Outside” (Parker McCollum, Jon Randall, Randy Rogers)
  2. “Dallas” (Featuring Danielle Bradbery) (Parker McCollum, Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers)
  3. “To Be Loved By You” (Parker McCollum, Rhett Akins)
  4. “Drinkin’” (Parker McCollum, Lee Miller)
  5. “Falling Apart” (Parker McCollum, Miranda Lambert, Jon Randall, Randy Rogers)
  6. “Heart Like Mine” (Parker McCollum, Tony Lane, Ben West)
  7. “Why Indiana” (Parker McCollum, Erik Dylan, Randy Montana)
  8. “Rest Of My Life” (Parker McCollum)
  9. “Pretty Heart” (Parker McCollum, Randy Montana)
  10. “Never Loved You At All” (Parker McCollum, Corey Crowder, Brian Kelley)

Whether it’s his number-one hit “Pretty Heart” or his current single at country radio “To Be Loved By You” – when someone hears this collection of music Parker says “What do I want the listeners to take away from listening to Gold Chain Cowboy? The only thing I can ask is that they believe it. I think my best album is yet to come, and I think this one is really good. I really believe in all the songs and wrote all the songs. As long as the listener will believe every song when they listen to it, that’s about all I can ask for.”

Photo Credit: Carlos Ruiz