Dierks Bentley Gets His Own Miracle On Ice

Dierks Bentley Gets His Own Miracle On Ice

Have you ever seen the movie Miracle, starring Kurt Russell as hockey coach Herb Brooks?

It’s about the journey the U.S. Olympic hockey team took to beating the dominant Russian team during the 1980 Olympics. After that win, the U.S. team went on to create one of the greatest moments in the history of sports by winning the Gold medal at Lake Placid.

Dierks Bentley is a huge hockey fan and loves Miracle. So, while in Telluride, Colorado, he recently took a moment to reenact one of the famous scenes from the movie with his son. In the film, it’s where the guys on the team learned that they were playing for something bigger than themselves.

In his caption, Dierks warned “If you haven’t watched the great hockey movie #Miracle, this won’t make much sense.”

Check out this great father and son moment here…